Brand Statement

Concept Transformation

At Fenix International e believe that our role is to transform brands' vision and artisans' skill into innovative knitwear.

In a complex creative process where professionals from different fields communicate as if connected by a thin thread, sometimes concepts cannot be put into words and eventually gets tangled up.

This is where we step in, connecting the different dots and empowering the production of superior garments by masterfully spinning all thoughts and emotions involved.

Our goal is to be the first port of call for our customers to solve problems, research new solutions or embrace innovative ideas.

Visual Identity

Weave, connect, harmonize

Like the single thread that we continuously weave to create superior knitwear, our logo symbolizes the unbreakable connections we build among factory people, designers, clients, peers and consumers, linking technologies and experiences cultivated over the years, across cultures and throughout history.

Our logo icon's harmonious loops graphically represents the unique textures and the never-before-seen designs we strive to develop in close cooperation with our clients: it represents the essence of our brand.