Tube ball haze GUAN YU XIA

蘇州瑞爾楽服飾有限公司 / President

Tell us about your role at Fenix.

REAL/ "Suzhou Ruijiraku Clothing Co., Ltd.", for which I am the president, is a factory specialized in quality inspections. So to speak, it's the last bastion of the products before Fenix delivers them to their customers. Nothing is allowed to leave this factory without my authorization. We strictly adhere to our motto "quality first, efficiency second" so to guarantee Fenix's quality standards and protect brands' integrity.

My job is to be involved in the management of REAL at 360 degrees, from business planning and finance to cleaning up and washing dishes. We actually do both inspections and sales (laughs). In a leading role, you must be able to judge properly and to take decisions on virtually everything and there is nothing better than first hand experience to learn about how to go about it. Failing to do so, you cannot take the right decision, let alone teach and lead your staff accordingly.

Please tell us what you want to challenge and what you are aiming for in your position.

As soon as you find a good factory, ask them, "Would you like to try the quality control services of Suzhou Ruijiraku Clothing Co., Ltd.?" It is indeed a sales pitch, but good quality control is definitely indispensable for reputable factories. even if it reduces efficiencies hence profitability. .We therefore review whether there are superfluous tasks during the manufacturing process, and priorities quality while reducing waste. This awareness can't be only promoted at the workplace. We are educating our staff that even outside of work, one needs to be a well behaved person who lives his life to the fullest. This is what I learned during the three years that I lived in Japan. For example, small companies in Japan don't hire cleaning services, right? This is because all staff clean up the office by themselves, and try to keep their workplace neat and tidy. This is why at Real we do not use cleaning services too. We keep our workstations clean and orderly, as we care about the next users. It is impossible to do your job well without thinking about other people. If one is only tailoring everything to suit his personal convenience and being selfish, he will eventually become a liar at work. Therefore, I teach my staff to always be nice and considerate! This would make you feel more fulfilling!

Please tell us what you are trying to do outside of work, what you are looking forward to, and your hobbies.

IDEA is all my life and basically I'm not thinking about myself at all. I come to the office earlier than anyone else and do not leave until the member of has returned home. I can't take any rest while everyone is working. Being very demanding, I trust that everyone will work harder if I am watching. It is also very encouraging to hear that my colleagues said that they are very happy to work with me.

However, mahjong and karaoke are my relaxing activities (laughs). Well, they help enhance communication and relax ourselves but I simply want to enjoy. I also indulge in physical shopping, not internet, especially for clothes, bags and shoes. This is my greatest pleasure. I am picky about the quality though (laughs)

How do you find working with Fenix's?

Fenix is not only family for me but also a partner who openly appreciate me. That is why I am never satisfied about what I do and I always want to improve my performance, by always being present and available. The more I give to get better, the greater my confidence and my delight when meeting our Japanese colleagues.