有限会社トライニー / Representative Director

Tell us about your role at Fenix.

The relationship between Triniy and Fenix is about 15 years old by now. We mainly deliver cut and sew orders, from sample making to production, but we would like to be a partner that indeed contribute to improve Fenix's image, not just a factory.

Since I take full responsibility for it, I sometimes help with cutting, sewing, finishing, etc., and also adjust and repair the sewing machine if need me.

In particular, I thoroughly appreciate Fenix's vision and the quality they deliver to their customers, hence my biggest task is to share such values with the rest of my staff and to create a production environment that works accordingly.

Please tell us what you want to challenge and what you are aiming for in your position.

I think the most important thing in manufacturing is the balance between possibilities and restrictions. What kind of added value can we provide? I think this is the mission of our factory. Especially at samples stage, we are not only making them as instructed, but we are also conscious of issues that can arise at mass production and care for changes that can lead to cost reductions.

Although securing human resources and fostering successors to maintain our value proposition is hard, my goal is to work on daily improvements so that TRINYI can be perceived as a one-of-a-kind cut-and-sew factory with quality at its heart.

Please tell us what you are trying to do outside of work, what you are looking forward to, and your hobbies.

I love watching movies and go to the cinema on weekends to immerse myself in other world, besides the movie itself, if you managed to empty your head by immersing yourself in a story on the big screen and sound, you can come up with some very good ideas.

Also, I sometimes go to the office when no one is around. Even if you don't have a lot of work to do, if you take a look at an empty company, as if time has stopped, you can discover something that you don't usually notice: I love to spend time at work on days off.

How do you find working with Fenix's?

I am grateful to have spent so many years working with Fenix, always feeling a profound personal connection that goes far beyond a mere business relationship. I am still very grateful to Mr. Motod for his kindness and suggestions at time when I became anxious. Since there is such a strong connection, I always want to live up to Fenix's expectations, as they deserve it.